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What Moms Really Want For Mother's Day


Mother's day is right around the corner. This week we asked a few moms to share their thoughts on what would make this day truly special. Their responses, ranging from heartfelt sentiments to practical gifts, are sure to touch your heart.

Jill Apgar Founder of Coco Beans 

I'm looking forward to spending this Mother's Day with my mom who will be visiting from out of state!   We don't get to see each other often, so I cherish our time together and especially love watching her bond with my daughter!

I'm always a big fan of fresh flowers (tulips are my favorite) but truthfully I just hope for a sunny day to spend outside (it has been SO cold)!  

Magda Lasota of MLM Brand

I would like to spend my Mother’s Day at the beach reading a book! My ideal day would start a bit later than my usual wake up time, followed by my favorite breakfast (I eat the same thing every day — yogurt and berries, ha!) and a coffee. It would be wonderful to be able to go to a new, fun workout — maybe a Zumba or a cycling class to change it up a bit. I love eating al fresco and I hope my boys will take me to one of my favorite LA brunch spots with a gorgeous ocean view. Spending the rest of my Mother's Day reading and watching my boys play at the beach sounds like dream! Lastly, I hope my Mother’s Day this year is chore free:)

This year for Mother’s Day, I’d love to be surprised with an authentic California wine-tasting experience! It’s been on my bucket list for a long time! A gift card to one of my favorite designers such as Cuyana, Janessa Leone, Vincent James, or a class pack to a fun workout studio would be wonderful as well. I can’t wait to see what my boys make for me at school — I adore their little hand make gifts and notes. Those are truly priceless and always touch me deeply! 

Audrey Stowe @audreymadstowe

I'd love to spend my first Mother's Day getting to sleep in and then a family day!

For Mother's Day I would like to sleep and if my husband gets me a gift, something to be surprised with. 

Nicole Reilly founder of Dear Hayden

My ideal mother's day would be sleeping in, doing something together as a family (going to brunch, grab coffee and go for a walk, grab pastries and go to the park, etc.) and then having time to take a bath or do something relaxing while the someone watches the kids.

What I want for mother's day is anything that is thoughtful, from the heart, and bonus if it's a surprise.


Big thanks to these moms for taking the time out of their busy days to answer our questions. Happy Mother's Day mamas!

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