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Building the Perfect Baby Shower Gift (or gift for a new baby)

As a mom of two little ones, I have had my share of experience with baby products. I have put together a curated list of a few of my tried and true products that would be useful for parents of a new baby. Grab a Dear Hayden piece and build the most amazing and thoughtful gift with a few add ons from this list.

Dear Hayden Rib Knit Romper:

 Our best-selling rib romper with magnetic opening is the perfect piece to build a gift around. New babies require frequent changes and the hidden, sewn-in magnets in our romper make those changes much quicker and easier. Our romper is also machine washable so no need to worry about spilled milk!

Puracy stain treater:

Speaking of stains, the Puracy stain treater would make the perfect addition to a baby shower gift and would be something that parents would actually use. Puracy is the most effective stain treater that I’ve tried. Spray it on, let it sit overnight or for a few hours, throw the piece in the wash, and even stubborn, set-in stains will be gone. 


A favorite board book:

As a former elementary school teacher, I believe that you can never have too many books. One of my favorites is I love you, Stinky Face. This is a sweet story about the love between a mother and a son. The illustrations are captivating and it’s enjoyable for both children and parents.


A better, cleaner tylenol alternative:

Not the most glamorous baby gift, but it will definitely get used. Genexa is an alternative to tylenol that has the same active acetaminophen but leaves out the dyes, artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives, and artificial fillers. 


Neutral baby moccasins:

These are adorable, soft, and photo ready. The perfect shade for a boy and girl and will match with any outfit. 



 Diaper cream, chapstick, post-circumcision ointment, it does it all. Another great, useful gift that makes a wonderful addition to a baby gift.


Organic Cotton Burp Cloths:

 Burp cloths are an essential item in those first few months. I love these organic cotton ones from Burt’s Bees. Not only are they extremely soft but they are safe for baby’s sensitive skin.

A Cute Lovey

We love this adorable one from Angel Dear. It actually came in a pack of two. The idea is that you have a spare in case one goes missing. In my household, one goes to my daughter and one goes to my son. They both sleep with them every night. 

Frida Baby Snot Sucker

Not at all glamorous but super useful to clear congested baby and toddler noses before they figure out how to blow their nose. 



Dear Hayden Knit Overalls:

 Our 100% organic cotton knit overalls are the sweetest gift for a new baby. They are made from Italian printed yarns and come with adjustable straps to ensure the perfect fit. They make for the most precious piece for all the photos that are sure to happen in the first few months of baby’s life. 


Rectal Thermometer

Another super handy item is a rectal thermometer. These are very accurate and easy to use when paired with the aforementioned aquaphor. We like this one from Frida baby. 

Booties that actually stay on babies feet

You know how little socks always fall off of baby feet and get lost? These actually stay on. We loved these for our babies’ early months. They kept our baby’s feet warm and looked cute too.


I don’t think I need to say much about these. We liked these pacifiers because they looked cute and the baby’s seemed to like them too.

Boogie Wipes

These are a staple in our household. We always keep these on hand. They have saline and help prepare before using the nose frida or blowing your nose. They aren’t just for kids. Adults can use them too!

Baby Shampoo and Body wash

I’ve tried a bunch of baby wash and shampoos and this is one of my favorites. The smell from the coconut oil is heavenly and it leaves baby skin soft and smooth.

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