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Behind the Scenes: Our Summer Knits Capsule Collection

We are so excited to share with you our brand new summer knitwear capsule collection! This collection has been a long time coming! I worked directly with my amazing manufacturing partners to develop and bring the ideas for these pieces to life. Back when I visited my factories in Portugal in October, we had a development meeting where we looked at inspiration images, stitch techniques, and discussed how to utilize magnets to make pieces more functional. We decided on four styles: the stripe sweater, the bubble romper, the short playsuit, and the shorts. I wanted the majority of the pieces to be gender neutral and to have colors that would match with everything but feel light and airy for the summer. I wanted each piece to have an aspect of functionality (ie. magnets at the crotch or neck) as well as to have cross-season optionality. Once we knew the silhouette, we picked out stitch techniques and yarn colors. We decided to stick with organic cotton yarns. All of our pieces were made with 100% organic cotton with the exception of the bubble romper, which has 5% lycra to give it a little bit of texture and a unique look. 


Mood/Inspiration wall created by the factory with ideas for our summer capsule.


Looking at stitch options and yarns.


Nicole (me) with the director of business development and production manager for the factory. They are sisters and their family runs the factory. It’s owned by their mother. 

Once we finalized the plans for the pieces, we started working on samples. I tried them out on my son Julien (my fit model) and gave feedback to the factory to make adjustments. 


Julien, my fit model trying on our first proto of the bubble romper.


Once we were happy with the look and fit of the samples, we went into production. The factory sent us some finished pieces to use during our photoshoot and then we just had to wait for them to arrive from Portugal.


A picture of the bubble rompers during production. 


We are so excited about these amazing pieces and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Thanks for following along!

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