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Baby and Toddler Summertime Favorites

Summer is in full swing as are backyard bbq's, pool days, family vacations, beach trips, and more. We've rounded up a list of some of our favorite items for babies and toddlers for summer. We own and love almost everything on this list. Let us know of any of your go-to summer items that we left out!

Image shows Dear Hayden recommended baby and toddler summertime essentials including sunscreen, sunglasses, a water bottle, swim diaper, beauty blenders for spreading sunscren, a sunhat, and a tote bag.

1) Blue Lizard Sunscreen and Face Sunscreen

This brand was specifically recommended by our pediatrician as being her go-to for kiddos. Both are 50 SPF and have Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide for maximum skin protection. It is made without Oxybenzone and Octinoxate to protect reef ecosystems. 

2) My kids' favorite water bottles

Come in lots of cute colors and prints and the handle is made of poppers. Dishwasher safe!

3) Reusable swim diaper

These save money and are more environmentally friendly than disposable swim diapers! We have 3 or 4 we rotate between. 

4) Beauty blenders for spreading sunscreen

These make spreading sunscreen on resistant babes and toddlers a little easier. Independent toddlers can even do it themselves!

5) Flap happy sun hat

Available in baby and toddler sizes in a variety of colors and styles. Sun protection but make it cute!

6) The best mom/family tote

We have the XL and love it for family trips but these bags are also great for a trip to the pool or beach. Customize it by picking your color and monogramming. Comes in a variety of sizes. 

7) Too cool sunglasses

The brand is French so you know these are cool. They make sunglasses for babies, toddlers, kids, and adults. 

Image shows various toys for babies and toddlers during the summer. The image shows a toddler scooter, bubbles, silicone toy boats, a water table, a balance bike, reusable water balloons, an inflatable swimming pool, a silicone beach bucket and shovel, as well as a unicorn baby pool floaty.

1) Toddler scooter

I love that this one has a retractable seat that they can use when they are younger (or if they get tired).

2) Unicorn baby pool float

3) Silicone sand toys

Just got these for our upcoming family trip to Mexico. Since they are silicone they are less likely to crack and they are bendable and easy to pack in a suitcase.

4) Inflatable swimming pool

This one is big enough to accommodate multiple kids and adults as well and looks cute!

5) Reusable water balloons

Our friends brought these on a recent trip and my kids loved them. 

6) Balance bike

This was my daughter's 4th birthday present! We love this for afternoons and evenings spent outside and family walks. 

7) The best water table

We've owned this exact one (an older version) for years and it is still going strong and a beloved toy. I've given this to multiple friends' kids for birthday presents. 

8) Silicone boats

Technically a bath toy but these would be fun in a water table or pool as well.

9) Bubbles

This image shows favorite clothing items for baby and toddler for warm weather and it includes a picture of a floral long sleeve swimsuit, boys sandals, a Dear Hayden organic cotton tee, bamboo short sleeve pajamas, a checker dress, Dear Hayden Tencel Lyocell pajama sets, boys boardie swim trunks, and waterproof shoes.

 1) My favorite swimsuit my daughter owns

I love that it has sleeves so I don't have to apply quite as much sunscreen and the bow detail at the back is adorable. We have this exact suit!

2) New-to-me brand for pajamas

Just learned about this brand and ordered a couple pairs of pajamas for my kiddos for the summer. I love the unique prints and soft feel of the fabric and of course supporting a small business.

3) My favorite swim trunks for my son

He wears these on repeat. They are so cute and show off his chunky legs. He wears them with a long sleeve swim shirt. Size up, they run extremely small. He's 2 and the 3/4 is already getting tight.

4) Summer dress

Love this Portuguese brand. All their designs are so cute. You can shop them on Maisonette and select boutiques in the US. 

5) The toddler summer shoe

We've probably owned about 7 pairs of these at this point between my two kids. Water proof, easy to clean, comfortable. My kids wear these daily in the warmer months. 

6) Tencel Lyocell Pajamas

Great all year long but the Tencel Lyocell fabric is incredible for the warmer months. With its' silky feel and sweat-wicking properties, it keeps babies and toddlers cool and comfortable. Available as a pajama set in 12-18m through 4/5T and newborn-18-24m as footy pajamas. 

7) Boy's summer pj's

This print is so cute! I ordered these for Julien.

8) Salamander shorts

9) Organic cotton soft tee

Pair with shorts all summer long and then layer under cardigans and sweaters when the temperature drops. Made with 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane for a bit of stretch, it will be one of the softest tees you've ever felt. 

10) Sandals

Love these sandals and pretty much everything this brand makes. 


Leave a comment below and let us know some of your favorites for summer!


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